To help the meat eaters!

Vegetarians/Vegans & Protein? No way!

So, as I was on a veggie forum today (promote!) and there was a thread by a girl who’s brother and family said it was IMPOSSIBLE for her to get enough protein. I cannot stand when people (meat-eaters) say vegetarians and vegans don’t get enough protein because we don’t eat meat. What I would like to know is where on earth they ALL happen to get this logic from? Because i’m pretty sure every other vegetarian and vegan even before our ‘time’ (Leonardo da Vinci for example) didn’t die or attrack some odd diease from not having enough protein. Vegetables and soy, whole foods, fruit, and ALL the foods that we eat obvisously have enough protein for us because we are just fine and not dropping dead randomly. Everyday products such as kidney beans, quinoa, tofu, anything soy, peanut butter, nuts, and meat substitues. Meat actually, has TOO much protein and that is why meat - eaters have so many more dieases and get sick more often and report being not as happy as vegetarians and vegans. Not going to get into why meat is bad for you in THIS post however, it’s bad, haha. Anyways, vegetarians and vegans get plenty of protein, HEALTHY protein while you meat-eaters get sick from their choice. Go veggie lovers!

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